Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some of the most frequently asked question we receive from our many customers. Please ensure you take your time and read through them all, and you need to contact us you can do so by visting our contact us page.

Help me I live in Timbuktu, U.S.A, Australia, Brazil! Do you ship your seeds to my country?

Your in luck! We do indeed ship our seeds worldwide, however since it’s impossible to check every law in the world we do ask you to please be vigilant of your countries local laws when purchasing marijuana seeds. We also do not advise breaking any laws and all seeds purchased are done so on the assumption that they are for souvenir purposes.

I just ordered.. How long will I have to wait for my seeds?

Depending on where you are in the world of course the shipping time mat vary, however on average our seeds generally take 9 – 15 BUSINESS days to be delivered to destinations within Europe since our seeds are sent from Holland. For customers living in the U.s, Asia, and Australia it can sometimes take a little longer to ship

Where do you ship your seeds?

We ship our seeds WORLDWIDE to the furthest corners of the globe! However as previously mentioned we do ask you to pay strict attention to your countries local laws in relation to bringing marijuana seeds into your country since some countries are far more strict than others.

I want to buy some weed or hashish from one of your coffee shops. Will you send me some?

Come on now don’t be silly! It would be illegal for us to send marijuana outside of the Netherlands, however you’re more than welcome to come over and join the party!

I don’t have a credit card.. Can I pay with cash?

YES we accept cash! However please send it to us by registered mail.
To pay with cash you first need to select it as a payment option on our checkout page and then wait for our system to send you instructions on how to pay us in a safe manner. If you do choose to send cash as your payment option, for security reasons it’s best if it is wrapped in a carbon type paper to avoid any prying eyes from seeing it. You can then send the cash to our offices listed below.

Amsterdam web trading
Postbus 213
1000 AE Amsterdam
The Netherlands

You’d be surprised how many people forget to send us their order number with their cash also. Don’t be one of them! Just pop it on on a separate piece of paper so we’ll know where the order came from.

How can i get in touch with you?

Easy! Just click the “contact us” in the left hand sidebar!

Who are you ?

We are affiliated with the amsterdam marijuana seedbank, and our aim is to bring you the top strains from the top breeders, in order to collect, breed and spread our strains to fellow marijuana enthusiasts throughout the world. We feel it’s important that these genetics are kept alive and well and the best way of doing that is by distributing them as far and as wide as possible so their next generations can be passed on by growers just like you! While also allowing you to experience the benefit of enjoying their medicinal and recreational qualities at the same time!

Our seedbank has been a dominating force in the marijuana seed scene for more than 7 years, and our past and present happy customers all over the world are a tribute to our success.

How can I place an order on your site?

1. Choose your favourite strain.
2. Pop it in our secure shopping cart.
3. Proceed to checkout.
4. Choose the country you wish to send your seeds to.
5. Finally, select your preferred payment method and fill out the order form correctly.

Do you have a catalogue ?

No,our website is our catalog.

Do you have a catalogue or magazine showcasing your seeds?

No, we feel it’s easier for our customers to view our seeds online.

Do you have a physical bricks and mortar shop?

No. We only sell our seeds online.