Hindu Kush Seeds


Originally hailing from the Hindu Kush valley, an area deep in the asian mountains, these seeds were brought overseas to our Amsterdam base in the early 1980’s and crossbred with several other high yielding and potent varieties to create this super strain!

Hindu Kush is a smoke you can smoke all day. Its leaves are big and dark and its smell is so fragrant it’s almost difficult to put a description on it. But take our word for it – this is one hell of a pungent and dank strain!

This is a definitely a must try strain for anybody’s bucket list!

Its genetics atre primarily indica and yields an impressive 450 gr/m2 when grown in the right conditions. Its not the tallest of any marijuana plants by any means but don’t let that fool you.. This baby is a big yielder!
A plant you can smoke all day.

Hindu Kush Strain Questions And Answers

Q. How Hard Is It To Grow?
A. Not as straightforward as you might believe but by no mean unmanageable.. We rate it at moderate.

Q. How Much THC Do The Plants Produce?
A. These are a good THC producing strain with levels of a strong 15% – 20% prevailing.

Q. Since This Is A Sativa Strain Does It Give A Sativa Type Buzz?
A. Indeed it does.. Expect a sativa like up high and cereberal buzz with this strain.

Q. When Is The Strain Ready For Harvest Outdoors?
A. This plant is not recommended for outdoor growing.

Q. How Long Does Is The Plant’s Flowering Period?
A. Afghan plants take between 8 and 9 weeks from the beginning of flowering until harvest.

Q. What Height Does The Plant Reach?
A. 25 – 40 cm. A short plant really.

Q. What Yield Can I Expect From Hindu Kush Seeds?
A. 450 grams per squared meter is common.

Q. What Climate Is Best Suited For This Strain?
A. Indoors ONLY!

Q. What Are The Main Genetics Of This Strain?
A. Indica genetics are at play here.

Q. How Many Seeds Are There Per Pack?
A. There are 10 seeds per pack. However when you order from us you also receive 20 FREE seeds with every order!