JamaiCanna Seeds


After 4 long and grueling years of selective breeding our team of breeders are proud to announce the latest in our amazing range of marijuana seeds – JamaiCanna!

This Caribbean beauty’s parents are a selection of the finest and most potent Jamaican sativas to be found anywhere in the world. What we did was, we crossed we crossed these pure genetics with our famous White Widow strain and with our equally impressive Haze marijuana strain.

JamaiCanna has the most beautiful tropical taste you could ever imagine and boat loads of high grade THC laden buds – particularly when grown in the great outdoors!

See for yourself what this heavy yielding indica / sativa hybrid beast can do for you!

AJamaiCanna Seeds Questions And Answers

Q. Is It Tough To Grow This Strain
A. No we consider this strain to be a moderate strain to grow.

Q. What Are The THC Levels In These Seeds?
A. The THC levels in this plant are 15% – 20%.

Q. What Type Of Effect Does JamaiCanna Produce?
A. This strain produces a nice tropical sativa high.

Q. When Is The Strain Ready For Harvest Outdoors?
A. When growen outdoors this strain is ready for harvest from September to October depending on latitude.

Q. How Long Is The JamaiCanna’s Flowering Period?
A. Ranges from 10 – 12 weeks

Q. What Height Does The Plant Reach?
A. As a slightly lanky sativa it can range from 75 – 100 cm indoors and even taller outdoors.

Q. What Yield Can I Expect From JamaiCanna Seeds?
A. 450 gram/m2 – Nice!

Q. What Climate Is Best Suited For This Strain?
A.Just as well suited to indoor growing as well as outdoors.

Q. What Are The Main Genetics Of This Strain?
A. This is a sativa / indica hybrid, leaning more on the sativa side.

Q. How Many Seeds Are There Per Pack?
A. There are 10 seeds per pack. However when you order from us you also receive 20 FREE seeds with every order!