Outdoor Cannabis Seeds

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For outdoor growers the search for the best cheap outdoor marijuana seeds for sale seems to be never ending. Whether its greenhouse growing, guerrilla growing, or growing cannabis in the backyard, choosing the best outdoor cannabis seeds combined with the continuous struggle to keep up with the latest outdoor growing tactics can be a struggle even for the most experienced growers.

What Are Outdoor Cannabis Seeds

Depending on the climate you live in, not all marijuana seeds are suitable for growing outdoors. White widow is a typical example of strain which doesn’t react well to the cooler northern climate and is best suited for indoor growing.

White widow is a sativa marijuana strain which due to its equatorial genetics causes it to complete its flowering cycle later in the season. Unfortunately for outdoor growers this is often is too late as the approaching winter weather begins to wreak havoc on a summers grow. For this reason special outdoor marijuana seeds have been developed over the years and are specifically designed with the outdoor grower in mind.

Listed below are a selection of cannabis seeds suitable for outdoor growing.

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Found 36 Outdoor Cannabis Seed Strains – Click A Strain For More Information


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As one time fellow outdoor growers we completely understand the needs of the modern day outdoor marijuana grower. Our team of trained monkeys (breeders for short!) have repeatedly chosen only the most productive and robust outdoor marijuana strains to produce the most devastatingly potent and highest yielding outdoor weed seeds for sale online! Combined with the fact that you receive 20 FREE seeds with every order, in our opinion that makes us the the best value for money seed bank online!

How To Grow Marijuana Outdoors

So long as your plants are growing in an area where they receive a minimum of 6 hours sunlight a day, growing marijuana outdoors is achievable by anybody no matter what the climate. Good soil and weather conditions play a part but choosing the correct strain is also hugely important. After clicking on a strain name or image above, be sure to check its specifications since some are more ideally situated to more northern climates than others.

Be sure to check our outdoor marijuana grow guide for a full review on how to get the best results from our cheap outdoor marijuana seeds for sale!

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