Payment And Shipping

Our regular and feminized seeds packets each contain 10 marijuana seeds. Once your order has been placed and the payment has been settled we will ship your seeds to the provided address.
We ship our seeds on every business day of the week from our special postal department, and each order will be shipped within 24 – 48 hours.
If you place your order on one day, it will be shipped the following day.. i.e if you place your order on a Monday we will ship it out on Tuesday.
Ensure you enter your email details correctly and add us to your whitelist or check your spam box regularly as for each stage in the order process we will contact you by email to keep you informed.
While we do accept cash as a payment option, please note that we do NOT accept cheques, MoneyGram or Money Order.

Shipping And Handling Costs

For shipping and handling we charge a flat rate fee. By doing so it helps us keep our quick and stealthy shipping to the standard you deserve. We also wrap each order in a free gift for you to disguise its contents and ensure it reaches you in top condition.

Payment Options

Credit Card
All forms of credit cards are currently accepted on our site.

Bank Transfer
AFTER you place your order we will then proceed to send you payment instructions and our bank details.

Posting Cash
We highly recommend wrapping cash in carbon paper or disguising it well for security reasons. Then, along with your order number please send it to the following address:

Address: Postbus 213
Zipcode: 1000 AE
City : Amsterdam
Country: The Netherlands

Whatever you do, please don’t forget to include your ORDER number when you post! Failure to do so will result in us being unable to process and ship your transaction! If you do choose to send us cash, please ONLY SEND BANK NOTES– NO COINS!
All currencies are accepted as payment.


Our seeds are packaged separately from anything else ordered on our site! What this means is, if for example you have received one part of an order, but are still waiting on another, fear not since the rest of your order is most likely enroute. Please have some patience and contact us after a week if there is still no sign of the rest of your order.

We do not offer any track and trace when posting our seeds due to the nature of our product. However we do offer stealth shipping by priority mail.

What this means is that our seeds are sent in randomly chosen items to disguise their contents (gadgets). For this reason you should expect that the package you receive will not look like what you expect it to, but rather from an inconspicuous company instead. Make sure to do a good search inside the packaging and and also inside the item we will send you to locate your marijuana seeds.

Finally we also strongly advise all each and every one of our potential customers that prior to placing an order for cannabis seeds, you should firstly check your national laws and bylaws regarding their stance on ordering such seeds order. Neither Cannabis Seeds For Sale ( nor Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds ( want anyone to act in conflict of these laws, and as such cannot be held responsible.