Strawberry Ice Seeds

strawberry ice feminized

With their origins lying in both North America and Europe, Strawberry Ice seeds is one of the fruitiest and delicious marijuana strains you could ever have the pleasure of smoking. The fresh strawberry fragrance and taste from this indica / sativa hybrid strain are there in abundance and is a fantastic smoke you can proudly pass to a friend.

We can’t even begin to describe the sheer strawberry-liciousness of this beautiful number! With its tutti fruity 75% sativa high and taste, the only thing you’ll be left craving is some fresh cream to go with that delicious strawberry mix!

Our personal favorite munchie food with this strain, is a tall ice cold glass of strawberry milk and cookies to wash down our never ending munchies! Definitly a strain for anybody who hasn’t yet experienced the strawberry marijuana wonder that is Strawberry Ice.. Are you ready to taste the Strawberry Ice Flavor?

Strawberry Ice Questions And Answers

Q. Being A Strawberry Strain, Is This Tough To Grow?
A. Nope.. our team has rated this at moderate!

Q. How Much THC Do The Plants Produce?
A. 20% is a number which our tests often show.

Q. What Type Of Effect Does The Plant Produce?
A. A delicious tutti frutti sativa high.

Q. When Is The Strain Ready For Harvest Outdoors?
A. Suitable for outdoor growing, you can expect this cross to finish by the middle to end of October.

Q. How Long Is Strwberry Ice’s Budding Period?
A. 9 weeks.

Q. What Height Does This Strain Reach?
A. Indoors 75 – 125 cm. Outdoors – the sky is the limit!

Q. What Yield Can I Expect From Strawberry Ice Seeds?
A. 500 grams per squared meter in optimum grow conditions.

Q. What Climate Is Best Suited For This Strain?
A. This Strawberry wonder can be grown just as well both indoors and out!

Q. What Are The Main Genetics Of This Strain?
A . 75% sativa – 25% indica.

Q. How Many Seeds Are There Per Pack?
A. There are 10 seeds per pack. However when you order from us you also receive 20 FREE seeds with every order!