TropiCanna Seeds


TropiCanna seeds are a Big Bud x White Widow cross, and is the latest addition to our ever growing collection of seeds here at Cannabisseedsforsale. Although our Tatanka seeds are also the child of a Big Bud and White Widow Cross, that’s where the similarities end.

Not only are our TropiCanna seeds cheaper than our Tatanka seeds, they also produce more of an indica strain than that of a Tatanka, and more of a tropical stoney type buzz too!

After 4 years of selectively breeding this vigorous almost pure indica, we finally reached our ultimate goal of a powerful F1 strain capable of blowing the mind of any hardened cannabis user! With its Big Bud genetics and tropcial White Widow taste combined with our secret sauce of genetics, we rank this strain up there with any other strain at our seed bank including Northen Lights, Super Skunk and more!

If you’re searching for some white tropical goodness, TropiCanna is most certainly the strain to answer you’re needs.

TropiCanna Seeds Questions And Answers

Q. How Easy Or Hard Is This Strain To Cultivate?
A. This is one of our easiest genetics to grow.

Q. What Levels Of THC Do These Plants Produce?
A. This THC bombshell produces between 15% and 17.5% levels of glistening bliss.

Q. What Type Of Effect Will Smoking It Induce?
A. A cool tropical buzz body stone!

Q. When Is The Strain Ready For Harvest Outdoors?
A. Suitable for indoor and outdoor grow ops, it’s generally ready for harvest in mid September outdoors.

Q. Will This Plant Take Long To Flower (Bud)?
A. 6 – 9 weeks is all this takes.

Q. What Height Does The Plant Reach?
A. 90 cm. Outdoors – the sky is the limit!

Q. What Yield Can I Expect From TropiCanna?
A.500 gr per sq meter.

Q. What Climate Is Best Suited For This Strain?
A. A beautiful strain for outdoor and indoor growing.

Q. What Are The Main Genetics Of This Strain?
A. Almost all indica baby!

Q. How Many Seeds Are There Per Pack?
A. There are 10 seeds per pack. However when you order from us you also receive 20 FREE seeds with every order!