White Widow Seeds

white widow regular

Commonly referred to as the backbone of the cannabis seed industry, our white widow seeds are among the most purchased seeds of all here at Cannabisseedsforsale. As one of the original “white” marijuana strains, this fine beauty is a fome winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup, having taken the prestigious first prize back in 1995.

Not only is this one of the most popular strains available for marijuana growers worldwide, but also in our coffee shops here in Amsterdam. Perhaps her memorable name, lightning quick speed and amazing yield that gives weight to her undisputed fame, although when you try this bud out you’ll soon realize exactly what makes this a marijuana superstar.

With its mostly indica genetics, this hybrid’s sweet and thick acrid smoke delivers the most devastating stone combined with a completely uplifting high we’ve ever encountered, and being a very easy strain to clone or crossbreed, white widow not only appears to have it all – it actually does!

Although reported to perform well outdoors in warmer climates, this primarily indoor breed is a top yielding strain, producing over 450 grams of bud per squared meter indoors. Its strong THC levels range from between 20 and 25 per cent, making it the ideal choice for any marijuana grower.

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Regular White Widow Seeds Questions And Answers

Q. Will I Be Able To Grow This Strain?
A. This should be no problem for most people to grow, and we have rated it as “moderate” in terms of difficulty to grow!

Q. What Levels Of THC Do These Buds Produce?
A. THC levels of a strong 20% – 25% have been recorded in this strain.

Q. What Type Of Buzz Does The Smoke Deliver?
A. White Widow Seeds produce a bud that delivers a combination of an extreme high and body stone!

Q. When Is The Strain Ready For Harvest Outdoors?
A. Far better suited to indoor growing, however where conditions are right – September.

Q. How Long Will It Take This Plant To Fully Bud?
A. White Widow takes approx 8 weeks from start of bud til finish.

Q. What Is The Average Height Of This Strain?
A. Expect these plants to grow to between 35 – 60 cm in height.

Q. By Growing White Widow Seeds What Type Of Yield Can I Expect?
A. 450 gr/m2.

Q. What Climate Is Best Suited For White Widow Seeds?
A. Indoors is best, however it can perform just as well outdoors in the correct conditions.

Q. What Are The Main Genetics Of This Strain?
A. This is an indica / sativa crossbreed that gives more weight to its indica genetics!

Q. How Many Seeds Are There Per Pack?
A. There are 10 seeds per pack. However when you order from us you also receive 20 FREE seeds with every order!